About Us


Soul, the Designer

         My name is Sharell Williams. I began drawing on my phone at the age of 16. Those were my first ever digital graphics. I went on to release my first ever sticker titled " Quest" in 2016. I sold it on Instagram and from that point on I knew what my purpose was. I am now 19 and currently in college for Graphic Design. Feel free to support my journey either through purchase or positive energy.


What type of art do I make?

          My goal was to provide honest art based on emotion. I call my art honest because I've never felt the need to copy anyone to gain my style. Yes, artist like Basquiat amazed me over the years but I never felt the need to try to replicate his work. I feel I cant go wrong as long as I stay true to myself and rewrite the world in a way only I can. 


100% Satisfaction Guarentee

      I guarantee satisfactory because I press my own shirts and mail everything by myself. I respect my customers the same that I require respect for my art.